Blast from the PAST!

I met this guy about 8 months ago. We actually went to school together back in elementary (looked him up in my yearbook). He recognized me but I had no clue who he was…anyways he asked for my number and we would randomly text each other on and off (for like 8 months :/), but the conversations would die off. And one of us would eventually stop texting.

We finally met up a couple weekends ago and had a lot of fun. He had a lot to say and would talk about his brother, likes, dislikes (basically everything). He even briefly introduced me to one of his friends the next day.

He texted me to see if we wanted to hang out a few days later and I said sure. So we basically just watched T.V and talked. He made out with me a little but never tried anything (which I was okay with). He asked if I wanted to sleep over and I agreed and when I left the next morning he was like see you soon blah blah blah.

We haven't texted each other for about 5 days or so, which is fine I have finals and he knows that. But I'm just confused as to whether or not he is actually interested. When we hang out it seems that he is, but when we text he's so short and vague. Like it's incredibly hard to keep a conversation going (especially when we're both pretty terrible at having conversations over texts). It's frustrating because it's hard to get things moving when we're both having nothing to text each other.


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  • I went through the EXACT same thing. Except this guy remembered me from high school and we didn't know each other. I was confused because we would message each other a lot and he always wanted to hang out. Then when he gave me his number it went south like he would message me or text but stop after I asked how he was doing. When we would see each other I would pretend to not see him but he would run to me or even wait outside the I couldn't hide for long. I don't know your situation but maybe he wants to take it slow? I think I know why my guy stopped was because I told him I don't drink and he wants a girl to have "fun" with. So, if you want to see how he feels then text him first and see how it goes.

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