Why do some people make dating and sex a competition?

I'm curious why are some people concerned about other people's sex lives and number of relationships and then brag compare themselves to others like it's some competition?

Now I've had hookups, girls I've casually dated and no serious relationship but in all honesty the number doesn't mean anything other than it's a number.

What I'm trying to say is you should have sex because you enjoy it and be in a relationship because you actually like the person. I honestly don't think there's anything to gain about bragging about your number or comparing your number to anyone else.

One of my coworkers who's 18 would constantly ask me the number of girls I've slept with, dated, etc and I'm thinking why does it matter? A number is just a number. Everyone goes through life differently. I've known some people that have gone through a bunch of short term relationships as well as people who have gone through a few long lasting ones. Is one better than the other? No, it's a neutral thing.

This isn't out of jealousy, but when I do date a girl or have sex with one, I feel happy I'm getting sex or finding a girl to date either. I'm not like oh man, this is girl #9, yay.


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  • Eh. Everyone competes. On everything. But you're right--quantity is far from everything. Quality is way more important.

    • Agreed and which is why I quit comparing myself in that regard. There's always gonna be people who have it worse or better than me so worrying about it is pointless. If you keep on having strict expectations and being jealous of someone else having it better than you'll never be happy.

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    • Exactly and I'm doing it to make myself happy, not to impress others.

    • Good for you! It's amazing how much we'll let other people's preferences sway us at times. Bucking that trend makes you much better off (as you've discovered!)

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