Friends before dating?

How does it work, are you friends with someone and then date; or flirt with them from the beginning? Is there timing to how early to express interest in someone?


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  • Just go with the flow.. Ask to hang out . Go out a couple of times, get to know her first. Her likes, her dislikes. After a month or two, you are officially friends. If you are still attracted to her personality, you start flirting. The girl gets the hint pretty quickly.


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  • I'm usually friends with mine but it all depends on personalities and timing. Sometimes you hit it off really quickly while other times it takes a while to warm up. You need to be in tune with the other person and how they feel towards you.

    • How can I be in tune?

    • Such as seeing if they like spending time with you and the way they look at you, speak to you etc... It's different for everyone but if they let you spend a lot of time with them then you get to understand them more. :)

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