Stupidest first date ever. Just what on earth is wrong with this silly guy?

Alright, so last night I had a date with this really cute guy who is reeeeaaaaally into me before and this is our first date. So this is what happened. I wait for him at McDonald's before going to our actual dating spot. When he first arrived we both are at loss on what to say to each other, and we could only stare at the tv. But then he's borrowing my phone to look at the content and ask me if I stored a game in it, I told him no and explains the reason why my phone feels empty, he repeated the question again because he's too busy looking at my phone. And then silence. There I am, being ignored because that guy is fascinated with my damn phone and steadily getting bored. Then I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Then another silence. Finally I said that we should leave to our original meeting point and he agrees. He asked me which one of these strings of restaurant that I wanna dine in, I told him I don't know and that he should decide it and I'll be fine with it. He told me that he also didn't know what to eat (and he's the one who usually ate tons of things so this is new), I finally pick a reataurant and inside the restaurant he stumbled on the waitress, causing her to spill the drinks that she carried. Then... another round of silence ensued. He grabs my phone again and he asked me to download a few songs from my phone and blablabla. At this point I'm getting really frustrated. Wth is wrong with this guy? Each time I'm trying to say something he always seem to answer it immediately, cutting me off most of the time. And a few minutes later I just give up with my date and keep looking outside, I just wanna go home... and then he finally snapped out of it, he asked me what's wrong with me, and he's trying too much to cheer me up to the point that it annoys me to no end. And so when I wanna go home he told me that he's going to take me home, even when our home's like three hours drive long. So we took the train, and when we arrived the last train just leave, I panicked since I don't know how he's going to go back to his own home. And well needless to say it took tons of effort for him to go back home. He even had to climb the fences of his own home just because he forgot to bring the key. So the question is, what makes this date so disastrous? I know that he likes me, adores me so much but why is this date turns out to be this disastrous?


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  • May I just say I really enjoyed reading that. hahaha too funny. The poor guy was probably so nervous he was having a hard time making conversation, or maybe he is just an awkward guy idk. Either way, if you like him, you should give him another chance and maybe ask him if y'all can go somewhere eventful, so that the two of you can talk about the environment instead of focusing so much on the conversation between you. haha good luck and maybe don't take your phone with you on the date or you could even "forget" to charge it. lol.