Help , ex boyfriend drama?

me and my boyfriend of 3 years recently broke up about 3 nearly 4 weeks ago , I was so so hurt. I did not see this coming at all

3 days before he dumped me we were sexual and everything seemed like it was going fine . he said he loved me on the day he was breaking up with me and then brought me to his house and out of no where I was dumped .. this is the second time this has happend and I felt so stupid that I ever took him back not to mention used .

he never really gave me a real reason , only that he had changed . and then I went home .

i called him and he shouted at me saying we are done and I couldn't handle it . I didn't understand what I did so wrong . I got upset . and I kept trying to talk to him , call him , text him . I was told try no contact but I was so stupid ! . I met him on a night out and said hey to him and he said "sorry no your grand" it really hurt me and I was drinking soi got angry and sent him rude messages which included stuff like , your going to end up alone , get herpes off a tramp etc etc. I didn't mean to only he had been with other girls while with me and I was hurt so hurt . I apologized to him then on the phone earlier and he told me that he's saving the messages so that if I ever come back I can't say I never said it .. but now I'm confused :( what if he uses these messages against me. can I get in a lot of trouble ? :( I'm so scared and upset . I have so much going on . my nanny recently collapsed also and he has told people to ignore me and it hurts so much :-(


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  • I think we all just want closure and the fact that you guys had just had sex played with your emotions, then said he loves you, then broke up with you. From my experience I wouldn't say anything else to him. Write it down and keep your complaining to a minimum when talking with friends. When I got divorced I just couldn't shut up about how awful my ex was and my friends got tired of hearing it. If you go out and continue on with your life it will get easier in time and who knows you might look back on this as a learning experience. He isn't worth the tears apparently so don't waste them on him!


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  • Just move on. It seems clear that he mistreats you (random break-ups, hooking up with other girls, etc).

    I know it's tough because you were together so long and he probably means a lot to you but his actions speak of a rather low character, callous and basically careless person.

    Can you get in trouble because of your messages? I doubt it. I mean you didn't threaten his life you just said things while feeling hurt in an attempt to hurt him.

    put him in your rearview mirror and then try not to look back

    • thankyou :-) . its nice to know that I'm not just being paranoid!

  • That was a good line abut getting herpes off a tramp. You shouldn't have apologized. That would have beena good line to say goodbye with.

    If I were you, I'd come up with a couple of more such lines, send them to him, and then block him again.

    Yes, once dumped for no good reason, you should never have taken him back. Yu should have only contaced him to take out yourr frustrations with great lines like that one about the herpes.

    jTry to think of him as a punching bag, and you will feel better.

    • haha . that made me feel better! :-) thankyou

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    • Lol what?! No one dumps you for "no reason". He had a reason but just didn't want to tell her.

      QA - Clearly you don't have the calmest reactions to things. This may be why he broke up with you and is likely the reason he wouldn't tell you why.

    • ? Yougave me best answer but took it back?

  • You will not get in "trouble" but you have to stop doing these things. Don't be that girl. Just keep the no contact and work on moving on.

    • thankyou . I did apologize for the hurtful things I said , and I blocked and deleted him and all his friends on Facebook too in order to move on . along with his number . etc

    • That is a good plan.

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