Are there girls out there who won't date nerds?

was watching an old episode of friends. rachels sister, jill, said she typically doesn't go for guys like ross, yet she went out with him anyway...why did she say she doesn't typically go out with guys like him? is it really that bad to be a nerd?


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  • I personally LOVE nerdy guys. But shallow girls seem to have issues. I would rather have a beautiful mind than a beautiful face in the long run. It never fades and you never know if your hottie is gonna get in a car wreck and get jacked up. Then where will you be if that's what you care about.


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  • These ladies seem to want some nerds Carful though, they look like they are packing sausage.

  • How do you know she meant nerds?

    She could have meant Jews.

    You just project your own insecurities on to what ever you see.

    • im jewish

    • But you're not insecure about that.

    • always am. I'm always wondering if girls will like me because I'm of a faith...especially the idiot people o here