How do you get a girl to answer your call?

I am planning on calling a girl that things ended rather poorly with later on. I was going to text her to ask when a good time would be to call. Do you have any advice for how I should approach the text? I am trying to make it clear that I just want to apologize and that I will be understanding.


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  • Forewarned if forearmed. If she doesn't want to talk to you and you text her saying you're going to she will make absolutely sure she does not pick up your call.

    Reading your response to madhatter, forcing yourself on her when she doesn't want it is not a good thing. When I'm upset I need alone time - I don't want to talk to anyone or do anything about it until I've figured it out in my own mind. That's what we introverts do. The absolute worst thing anyone can do to me when I'm like this is force attention on me and not leave me alone. Not only am I upset about my initial problem but you become a secondary problem that makes the original problem worse.

    If she doesn't want your help and stated this to you, it is not "cold and disrespectful" for her to continue to push you away. It is actually highly disrespectful for you to not respect her desire to be alone during this time. She told you what she needs right now and you aren't giving it to her.

    People deal with personal issues in different ways. Hers is not the same as yours and you need to respect that.

    If you want to apolgise send her a simple text that says something like "I'm sorry about before. I'm here for you if you would ever like to talk."

    That way if she does she will contact you but you're not forcing it upon her.

    • Yeah I am trying to be more understanding. I said she was cold and disrespectful because we had plans and she disappeared on me for a week. Then I found out about the stuff she had going on which is long term. So she hurt me and then pushed me away and I couldn't get ahold of my emotions. It has been 3 weeks since I said that. I know I was wrong and I am afraid she won't give me a chance. I thought the apology should be over the phone but should I send an email instead?

    • Since you haven't talked in awhile email might be better that way she can read it, think about it and do what she likes with it.

    • Is it OK if I ask you another question? I sent you a friend request.

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  • Just text her saying something like "I would like to call you and talk about some things when you have a free moment if that's okay with you".

  • Leave over 100 voicemails and messages .


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  • it seems like some more background would help to understand how she might feel about you or react to hearing from you. simply because it's hard to gauge the reaction when we have no clue if she doesn't want to hear from you or what happened...but

    maybe just text saying, I was wondering if we could talk for a few minutes. I've been thinking about a few things and hoped I could get a few things off my chest that have bothered me about how I behave (or something I've done)

    • She was going through some personal stuff and her reaction is to push people away which is what she did to me. I told her she was being cold and disrespectful of me, which on my end was not a very understanding thing to do. That is what I want to apologize for, but she was already pushing me away before that. So I am trying to make sure I get things right this time around.

    • well make sure you acknowledge that you aren't trying to push for lots of contact if she still needs space and time...

      or you could just send her a hand written note. I know we are in the age of emails and what not but a handwritten note shows that you took the time to think about and construct it but are also sort of respecting the fact that she may not be prepared to talk to you directly