Could there be a chance for romance and what should I do?

Known him over a year . We get along well ,have a lot of chemistryAnd flirt a lot around eachother. Met him through my best mate and he told me he thinks I am a gorgeous looking girl with a good personalityEver since he broke up with his ex whom he had a child with he has not had a permanentGirlfriend so due to this we have not dated but recentlyCoincidently I was going out I got a bus got off and walked toGet to next bus stop. A car goes past and I hear someone shout my nameI turn around and its the guy with a big smile on his face in his friends car. He comes around the roundabout and asks his mate to stop the car. He says where you going. An I saidbthe place we met.I get in and we talk and I said just had a break up and he says so single now thenWe chat and then he drops me off and says to text him and I said you wishAn he said yeah I do wish then I say goodbye. I thought it was sweet as he was heading to townAnd he went back on himself to drop me off as town was in opposite direction. That same nightI message him and we text back and forth. Then he says come town for a few.An he rung me. I didn't go but he saya I should deffo go out with him next time.I said yeah. Is it just friendly do you reckon. He also told my best matesbguy friendHe fancies me. Split with his ex years back but I am scared to

Admit my feelings just incase he just wants to be single and have fun.

As that was the case before.


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