What are some cool date ideas?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost six months now and I was just thinking about all the interesting dates we have done.

We are the outdoorsy environmental type, my last date was going mud tromping with boots through the coastal hammocks. I love that one the most so far.

Do you have any idea for a date that would be cool or different to do? It can be anything, we like to be silly too.

We have been camping, gone on countless hikes, out to eat, went to the beach, go on boardwalks, and boating scalloping all that good stuff. just so you guys know.


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  • Iceskating! That's a pretty traditional one, but hey - it's in season :)

    I myself am going with my boyfriend this Friday ;)


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  • "I love going to the zoo on a first date. It's not too expensive, and it's hilarious to see your guy get all goo-goo over the koalas." Just try it.


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  • Camping

    Have a BBQ

    Go hunting

    You said outdoorsy

    • the only thing I haven't done out of those is a BBQ which ill be doing soon. :0