So how did the date go? Is he still interested?

Had a coffee date last night-which lasted 3.5hrs. that's good,right? and all through the date he would occasionally flirt by winking at me.

Afterwards,he went to shake me hand but instead I hugged like I do with all dates. Was that ok? of course,he didn't give me a squeeze during the hug,so I dunno..

About an hour after getting home and I hadn't heard from him,I texted him and Told him I had great time-to which he said the same.

Now I told myself NOT to get my hopes up since the last guy I datex dudnt end well,so I'm just trying to protect myself.



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  • It could be me, but I end all dates with a kiss. Not on the lips, but just on the cheek. But I'm not a big fan of "handshaking" so that could be just me.

    The time of three and a half hours, could be good or bad, we don't know. If that's all the time you (or he) had, that's fine. If you both had the entire evening and he suddenly suggested he should leave, then that's not so good.

    Winking is a good sign though, but did you both have fun? He could be winking whatever he wants, but if you both didn't have a good time, the winking is useless.

    How long does it take for him to get home? I don't expect a text the minute they leave, but if it takes him half an hour or something to get home, I don't expect a text quite soon.

    What I suggest is you either wait for him to ask for a second date or you let him know you're up for it or you ask yourself. Maybe something like "hey, I had fun the other day, we should do it again, just let me know when you're available", something like that.

  • I like CrystalMinds's answer. I think in a similar fashion. I recently had a few dates including a coffee date so I'm in a fresh state of mind for such a question lol. So as far as the length of the date goes, I'll say like CrystalMinds said. If that's all the time you had, it's okay. But if you could have hung out later but he cut the date short, it's a no-no. On my first date with a guy (coffee date), we stayed chatting for 6 hours. I don't mean it as a competition, you'll see my point in a sec. We were chatting and it took him around 3 hours until he realized what time it was and he said time had flown by without him even realizing it. We still stuck around and didn't actually leave until the subway was shut down for the night and HE had to take some random bus to go back home. So IMO, if the guy settles and makes things work so to spend more time with you as long as he can, it's a good sign. If you feel like he's rushing out of it, TRUST your gut. Sometimes on a date, I feel like I have nothing to say anymore but it just feels good nonetheless and neither of us feels like leaving. That's a good date. If the guy keeps glancing around and looking at his watch, that's an awkward date. Also pay attention to how much he actually asks about you. If he keeps talking about himself, it's no good. He must me interested in getting to know you better or else you're both wasting your time.

    So flirting, winking, yeah that's all right. But IMO one shouldn't feel obliged to force things and ACTUALLY flirt on a date. If you two hit it off, you'll feel comfortable chatting to one another fairly quickly. The rest is a bit too phony for my taste when I'm on a date anyway, so I wouldn't read too much into it if I were you.

    I don't know about the handshake though. I've never ever had that happen to me. We're different ages though, so it might just me due to that. Most of my last dates ended with a kiss or a slight makeout if the evening was awesome. This guy I had a coffee date with didn't touch me much throughout the night. We were facing each other so there wasn't much touchy feely moves on his part. I went in for a hug and a cheek peck at the end of the night. We ended up staring at each other right after, which led to a kiss after all. I don't see why a guy wouldn't try to kiss you if he really had a great night, unless of course he just got out of a divorce or something harsh like that.

    As far as texting goes, it think it's not a great sign. When I'd dating a guy but it's more of a casual thing (not so much relationship material), he rarely texts me after the date. The guy in question though texted me around 5 minutes after we parted ways. Same thing on the second date. We always exchange a few texts after the date too. He DID reply to you, so he cares about you still. You might be more into him than he's into you though. That OR he's deadly afraid of commitment and doesn't want to lead you on. I'd say take it as it comes, and don't over think it too much :)