Who should I choose?

There is this boy that I really like, I am not sure if he likes me though. He smiles when he talks to be but never really says hi to me when he sees me. There is this other guy who takes the bus with me, once his friend came on the bus too and he started liking me. He asked me out but I never gave him the answer, I told him that I would think about it. Ever since then he ignores me. On myspace he never writes back to me. I told the boy that I like about him asking me out and he was happy for me. I really don't know what to do! Who should I choose and should I say yes even thought I barely know him?


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  • First off, what you need to do is get to know the guy you barely know. Talk to him and get to know him better, that way you'll know if he's a great person or not and you'll have your answer right there! Hope that helps! The guy that doesn't say hi to you when he sees you is probably because he's either shy or doesn't recognize you.