Have you ever became more interested in a girl you dated but weren't interested before?

I dated a guy last year but he wasn't interested to be in a relationship once I asked.

We ended things.

Now I have a better boyfriend for me (graduated from Stanford, better looking, taller, etc). I'm happy.

I wonder, do guys regret letting a girl go sometimes?

  • Honestly I have especially when the girl got better looking, etc
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  • Honestly, NO. I've never regret letting a girl go.
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  • Honestly I haven't dated much/Never had gf/bf
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  • I've had moments where I wonder if I made the right choice, when it came to the ex girlfriends who weren't utterly terrible. I might wonder if I made the right choice, or whether I should have tried something different, but to be honest, I don't tend to dwell on it much. Ultimately after only a couple moments thought, I conclude it's for the best, that things probably never would have worked out, and that we're broken up for a reason.

    You probably shouldn't drive yourself crazy wondering if he regrets it. I mean he's in the past, after all. He's probably moved on, and you claim to have moved on as well. I say "claim to" because really, if your new boyfriend is so much better, smarter, taller, better looking, and you're so happy, and if you've moved on, I don't see why your ex even matters. Wouldn't you agree?

    Anyway, yes some guys regret letting someone go, just like I'm sure some girls regret letting a guy go. I just don't think it matters if you're as happy as you say you are.

    • Also, I agree with cheesesteak7. The only reason I didn't vote A is because looks have nothing to do with why I dump a girl, nor do they have anything to do with why I might regret a decision.

    • MANY men regret not being with a girl after they see her looking happy. Just saying, it's common. Thx

    • I suppose. Though if you're so clear on the answer, then why ask? It kinda feels like you asked the question and then said "no, your answer is wrong, because it doesn't reflect what I already believed. Kay, thx bai"

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  • Well yes and no, sometimes the girl changes for the better and sometimes the decision was made hastily. I thought the strangest thing was I was dating a girl once who I didn't find that attractive, but after some time I found her looking stunning to me, I have no idea why I guess I just started to like her more and as a result I started thinking she looked better

  • why does A have to include her becoming better looking?

  • You don't sound happy...

    • Your current boyfriend would probably also be unsettled that you don't have your shit together and are still obsessing over some other guy making all these comparisons between the two of them while you use him as a rebound...

  • Mostly no, but it can happen

  • It happens, but so what? Why does it matter? The new guy is so much better anyway, and you're happy right? So if you're happy, why does it matter? Please don't tell me you're trying to rub it into your exboyfriends face. Don't be like this girl. link


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