Should I make my move? Confused.

I have this guy giving me mixed signals. A few weeks ago, he had frequently come to my work place to pick me up and send me home. We had held hands and cuddled. He even kissed me. Yesterday I went to watch a movie with him. But he did not once held my hand or did anything intimate at all. I am confused. Did he stop because I had not reciprocate?

It's weird though if he thinks that way, because it should be quite obvious I also had feelings for him as when he held my hand, I held back. Or was it because after the kiss, I told him to not do that again? (because he kissed me without me being prepared for it at all, it was a total shock)

Need advices! Anyone? Appreciated :)


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  • Make a move if you feel it would be appropriate. Not all guys feel making a move on a girl is the best way to show their feelings. Also, men tend not to pick up on hints so why don't you just tell him straight up that you like him?