First date went well now.............. for the second?

I met this girl yesterday we took a long walk got to know each other went for a drink talked some more then I took her back home where we hugged & surprisingly she kissed me & said I'll see you tomorrow she didn't text me or anything after we parted I'm still waiting to hear from her today but I'm worried she might not reply what do I do wait it out or move on? I don't want to call her it may seem desperate

The did eventually contacted me this week asking how I am I said I was fine & asked why she didn't contact after the first date she said she wasn't ready for dating but now is & wants to go out


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  • It sounds as if you guys had a really nice date. And I would say that if a girl kiss you and then says see you tomorrow, that she really likes you. Personally I would never kiss somebody I didn't like or don't want to see again. So I would say that you should wait for her text/call - it's to soon to just move on when you just saw her yesterday. If you don't hear from her today and you really like her, you should text her tomorrow or the day after that.

    • Yeah guess I'm just worring over nothing I'l wait it out and see

    • I think that is the best :-)

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  • text her ONCE saying you had a great time.. Don't reply to her message unless its a DIRECT QUESTION..

    Wait a few more days (3mores days), and then CALL HER..

    • Yeah I text her lastnight saying I had a great time & see you tommorow & today I text again saying how are you & let me know when your free today I'l wait a few more days then & possibly call her I'm really starting to think she's not interested but why kiss me I'm confused

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    • Fair enough cheers mate

    • Do update...