Do you think this should be a firing worthy offense for a job that is paid for with taxpayer money?

I reported this girl who has a staff position in Congress about her online dating profile which stated she was on there to find guys to have sex with. It looks like they made her deactivate it because she has not been on there in days and a lot of stuff was taken off it, but from a post she just made, it appears she has not been fired. Do you think someone like that should be fired when their lack of character is made clear by the fact they are publicly looking for something like that?


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  • No and I think it was pretty unnecessary of you to report her too. What people do in their personal lives should be of little concern to their employer. As long as they do their job well when they're there that's all that should matter.

    • Of course the exception to that would be if their actions go against the mission of the company. Like if she worked for a company that was all about promoting abstinence then maybe I could see them firing her for that reason.

    • Her appetite for sexual fulfillment doesn't in any way discredit the House so that's irrelevant.

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  • No, same thing for me with Clinton... People outraged by the fact people cheat or have sex. It's common in society, many people do it... Yes I don't see it as acceptable behaviour in terms of relationships or whatever. But if someone can still do their job, and that's the important thing. If someone is qualified to do their job and can do their job well why the fuck does it matter what they do outside of it if it doesn't affect their work? I guess the only 'argument' is company reputation, while Congress isn't a company, it's hardly got a stellar reputation as things stand. I don't think reputation is a good argument anyway, it'd be living in denial to just cover over that kind of thing for the sake of 'good reputation'.

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    • We as Republicans favor conservative attitudes towards sex, abstinence and such

    • Why? Why is that a good thing? There are people who feel the exact opposite. Why is the republican way a better way?