Are women that bothered by men's preferences in looks?

It seems on this site, commonly women are all upset that "guys want models with big boobs" or "guys want skinny girls only" etc and so forth.

It just seems that online, there's a lot of upset girls who don't like men's preferences in looks, and they say that men are shallow for not asking out overweight girls, not dating girls who aren't cute, etc.

Do girls really feel all angst about whether they're good enough for men's tastes/if men are shallow and want prettier women?

What I find especially curious is when some women get outraged at men saying how being in shape, or having longer hair, is so much more attractive than "thick" or "pixie" cuts. They usually angrily swear and say how they don't care what men think.

Which makes one wonder why they get upset, then. Such as--I wouldn't care what gay men find hot, because I'm not gay. I would care what a cute girl finds hot.

Yet some women get so upset as they claim they don't care what men like.


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  • Of course people want their partner or whatever to look good. Nobody wants to date someone who is ugly. I think men and women have the right to fantasize of a good looking person, that doesn't mean that they will eventually get that person.

    To be fair, you can't see the other person's personality based on their looks. And not every ugly guy or girl is beautiful on the inside. Not everyone is beautiful.

    I know it sounds harsh but that's reality. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think that when a woman/man matures their preferences change too. But the initial attraction is based on the looks because as I said, you can't "see" someone's personality.


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  • I don't care about 'men's preferences' because, first of all, you can't just generalize what all men like, everyone likes different things. And I care if the guy's I like, like me back, but not about the rest to be honest haha. And no, I don't feel offended at all that some guys won't date certain girls, because, again everyone is free to like and date whoever they want.

  • Can't blame guys for wanting someone that fits their preferences. I'm the same way, so it'd be hypocritical of me.

  • i think its more the fact that men on here think that wanting a beautiful woman or the hottest w.e is fine and natural but a woman wanting hot men means she's shallow and only into jerks which is hypocritical and really frustrating to keep hearing all the time because its not true and all the bitter fake nice guys on here spouting it all the time makes them believe it no matter how much you logically argue about it. so we get angry about these questions because were sick of the double standard and always beng the ones demonised for the exact same thing tht men do

    • its only shallow if you're choosing the hotter guy over the better guy just because the better guy isn't as good looking...and when I say better, I mean, he's better for you

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    • no what I'm saying is people lash out in retaliation and ask the same type of questions as shallow 'nice' guys do to get an answer from their perspective and compare it to the types of comments they get from the 'nice' guys which are conflicting and makes them look hypocritical

    • What I'm saying is things like what this thread demonstrates. link Scroll down, and various women make interesting, outraged comments, *infuriated* by men saying women are less attractive with short hair, enraged that men dare state what is attractive on a woman. You're twisting things and merely attempting to answer a question that is bother you, because you're upset at burned "nice guys".

  • Not really. It is what it is.

    Do guys feel bothered that women prefer really good-looking men?

    • I'm sure losers are bothered. For the rest of us, we hit the gym and work on being one of those really good looking men, lol.

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    • dude. get contact lenses or lasik and stop being upset that women like attractive men.

    • boom... thank you, OP.

      As you can see, it isn't strictly women who get pissed off that other people are better-looking than they are.

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  • women are defined by how they look, while men are are defined by how much they make. if it so happens that he makes a lot of money and looks good then he's probably likely to get the hotter (but shallow) women. if she just so happens to make a good amount of money AND is extremely hot, than she's likelier to get the hotter men

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