Who should give in? I think he overreacted, he thinks I overreacted

I'm having an issue with a guy. It's about a silly thing, I don't even know why he's upset with me but fine. He suddenly stopped texting me a night, later that night I texted him and got no reply. He replied the next morning saying he didn't want to bother me (even though I told him plenty of times I like his texts). So I jokingly said: oh OK, so whenever I can't reply in a minute you won't text me? Got my phone on silent so you can text me whenever you want. He replied and I left it at that. Anyway, last night he texted me "see ya tomorrow" and I asked him if he went to bed already, he said "no in an hour or two", so I said: "oh OK, see you tomorrow then." To which he replied: "mh, nevermind".

Anyway, he's upset with me, god knows why. Whenever I texted him something I got an answer of 2 words, maximum 3. Ofcourse I'm not gonna keep on texting him. Now he cancelled plans and I have no idea why he's being so upset and stubborn. I don't know what I did wrong so I don't really feel like begging for his attention and asking him what on earth I possibly did to get him angry. Argh, advice?


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  • I'm not even sure what this is about because it seems so trivial.

    From what I gather, you were being kind of insistent that you want him to text you. He was leaving you time to do your own thing (and probably do his own as well) and you seemingly go kinda mad (?) that he didn't want to keep texting? I think you came across as clingy/needy.

    Either way, it's all immature and silly.

    I'd say just get over it and act normal.


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  • Yes, he is angry because you didn't give the attention he wanted. Careful, he may be a guy that wants to be too much in control and your freedom will be somewhat reduced if you have a relationship with this guy. But I would say with 90% confidence that he likes you and if you want him, talk to him, make a move.

  • sometimes guys get tired of texting constantly. I know I did. Maybe he feels like you always wanna text

    • It's usually him who texts me, I'm not that keen on texting. But apparently he's not that into me, so it doesn't matter anymore now :) thanks anyway

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