Men - how to respond to a guy out of town who texts a lot then goes MIA for a week or so?

Quick summary: a guy that lives about 100 miles from me (but my friend has a place in his area that I have access to) and I have a flexible work sched. that allows me to go there wherever) I met him twice. no sex. kept in touch since end of summer when he got out of a LONG term relationship. He's the one who initiates contact. He will text me a lot then go MIA. how to respond? take a day, etc? I would like to eventually date him. As I haven't had the chemistry with anyone else I've had with him.


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  • if a guy is keeping you on a string like this you are not going to end up in a relationship. it's safer to move on.


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  • sounds like your not his top priority...i would move on before you end up getting hurt.

    • yeah you're right. its so easy to get lured back in when someone contacts. I didn't respond to his 2 snap chats this week so that is progress. I think he would treat me the same if I lived there so I can't say the distance has much effect.

    • also, right out of long term...proceed with caution. I know myself, if I had met some of the girls I dated right after my divorce at another time of my life, I would probably have been more into them

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