Told me he really likes me but stopped talking to me?

I met this guy a few months back at a party. he had a girlfriend at the time so I just noticed that he was cute but didn't talk to him too much. Just recently I added him on Facebook because his name came up as a suggested friend. I figured, why not, we have a lot of mutual friends, no big deal. He started "liking" just about everything I posted and also started messaging me and was trying to get to know me. I came to find out from a mutual friend that he and his girlfriend had broken up just days before he started messaging me. Everyone that knows him said it was no big deal, they were DEFINITELY done and no one really cared too much for her because she wasn't a very nice girl. I ended up hanging out with him twice, both times with friends. Everyone said they noticed he was super attentive to me and there seemed to be a lot of chemistry. I thought we were really liking each other as well! the second time we hung out, he seemed a little nervous at the end of the night (anticipating a good night kiss)...which didn't happen..though I gave him the opportunity by lingering, lol. the next morning he told me that he really liked me, was super attracted to me but was nervous he was rushing into something too fast and didn't want to mess it up because he just got out of a year long relationship. he said he wanted to keep hanging out and getting to know me. I was very cool about it and just said "hey, I understand, I know how it goes, etc." he then kept texting me for a few days and we stayed up texting for an hour one night... the communication kind of fizzled out and now he isn't talking to me..but continues to like everything I post on Facebook. My question, is was this all an excuse because he doesn't feel strongly enough to keep getting to know me? Is he being genuine and really does like me? I just don't know how to feel or what to do because I really like him and think we could be great together.. we have a LOT in common. I just keep thinking that if he liked me, he'd be trying to keep getting to know me. Should I wait it out and see if he comes around? Do you guys think he WILL even come around? Or should I just move on from this because it was an excuse.. I'm just confused and I don't want to be stupid about this. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks guys.


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  • Sorry. From what you wrote, I think he and has no interests in you and already moved on. So should you. Good luck to you.

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