What are some flirty text messages I could send?

I'm going to text me crush becuase I want to talk with him. But I have no idea what to say? I need something flirty yet not desparate. Any ideas?


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  • i think its cute to send a text like hey to your crush because it makes them feel like your thinking of them but its even cuter if its a funny/flirty text because then they know you are really thinking of them without being weird. this may be called playing games but I don't think so. wanting to think of a good text to send somebody is not a bad thing, playing games on somebody is being fake to get them to like you. maybe say some thing like

    whats cooking good lookn (maybe that's too forward)

    hey hows it going :)

    whats up butter cup

    those are just a few, they are funny which will keeo the mood light and they don't sound desperate

    hope this helps


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  • Best way to flirt is to fit his sense of humor.


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  • Just send a, "Hey, what's up? :)"

    Honestly, I've learned that you don't need to make up an excuse to text a guy. Simple is the way to go. So just text him a hello. Unless of course, you want to flirt it up with him. If so, say something like, "Hey [put cute nickname here]" or something along those lines.