Is this fixable or is it done?

ok so their is guy I have been seeing for about a month we hang out usually two or three times a week... he informed me he wanted to make a move but wasn't sure if I was really all that into him because I do at times keep my guard up.. I explained that I do really like him and just get shy sometimes.. so after our talk everything was fine.. we hung out again and he was going to kiss me but the way he went in I thought he was going to hug me.. I turned my head and he got pissed and gave me a lot of shit for it and we ended up getting into an argument over it and a misunderstanding. we talked it out and I thought everything was fine.. I had said about hanging out on a certain day and he never said that he could, so I took it that we weren't and ended up asking him about a different day, he then said I thought we were hanging out on the original day I had said.. so I explained that he never gave me a yes or no and that the other day was better.. but he never said if the next day was good or not and then ignored my messages about it.. the next day when he messaged me I brought it up and he said sure and that he wasn't sure if id reschedule again...(WTF).. so we hungout and I kissed him! he got all bashful and usually he blows up my phone but he hasn't really been.. and I texted him the next night about something we discussed and that I had a good time and he wrote back but with a one word answer and he said nothing about the kiss which was weird because he's a talker.. so stupid me goes and writes ooookkkkk?. and then to make more of an ass out of myself I wrote " was it not OK that I kissed you? lol".. he asked me what the ok? was for and I said I wasn't sure what text he was responding to and he said the first with a smiley face... never said anything about if he had fun or our kiss... but like really? lol I feel like he's distancing himself and like I just feel stupid for bringing it on ... how do I get things back to the way they were? can I fix this? he is just so hard to read like I pulled back played hard to get before and he was like are you mad at me? but now he like only talks to me I feel when he has nothing better to do, and it bothered me about him ignoring my texts and then assuming I'm a mind reader... and then the kiss one.. did I make an ass out of myself? is he playing head games? am I worrying for nothing>?


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  • You are gulity of "overthink." Just call him in a day or so and say I think things got a little confused between us and I would like to start all overagain. Can take you out to lunch or the movies?


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  • Please use fucking paragraphs, jesus.

    Also move on, he sounds like a whiny bitch about the rescheduling, then disinterested or a douche bag during the texts and mainly ignoring you.

  • hes not worth your time wether it is fixable he sounds like a short tempered a**hole


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