Girls, would you cancel on dates?

Girls, would you cancel on spontaneous dates and make some excuses if you don't like the guy? Or, would you cancel even if you like the guy?

Is planning dates ahead of time better than spontaneous ones?

I'm in some confusing situation, and any advice would be appreciated. :)


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  • I would never make a date or agree to go on a date with someone if I didn't think that there might be some potential to like him at the very least. I would never agree to go on a date with someone to avoid hurting their feelings only to cancel later, that is low. So if I cancelled there would be a valid reason for it. Planned, spontaneous it doesn't matter.

  • I wouldn't cancel it because I don't think it is appropriate to cancel this big of a deal. I mean, when I go on a date I take time to get ready and I am waiting forward to it. I think.. how can a date be spontaneous?


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