Don't understand dating

Guy chases girl. Girl doesn't show interest. 4 to 5 tries later, still no progress. This means totally incompatible. Drop girl and go for new one.

Guy chases girl. Girl accepts, becomes a pair. Girl doesn't show concern. This means she's waiting for someone else. Drop girl and go for new one.

Guy chases girl. Girl says she's not ready. This means friendzone. Drop girl and go for new one.

I had all 3 examples happen before, and I'm really tired of chasing girls who don't care about me. Even girls who I thought were friends.

I'm starting to think the only way to have a relationship, is if the girl was interested in me in the first place. Which isn't going to happen so I really don't get how this romance thing works.


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  • You need to stop chasing until you know you can win in the end. Just talk to the girl you are interested and get to know her as a person. If she keeps your interest then just tell her how it is: You are attracted to her romantically and would like to take her out on a date to get to know her even better.

    You need to take stock of who you are and what you would offer in a relationship. Then have a broad outline of the kind of partner you would like. The only sure thing about relationships that I know of is compatibility. So go to places and participate in project that you are good at and that interest you. Once you know the type of pool you want you will start to meet women who share similar views to you and hopefully a few minor opposing views too.

    You can't win them all though. The road to happiness has a few potholes and speed humps


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  • Never, ever chase girls that you think are friends. Friends does not equal romantic interest, I wish guys would get this through their heads.

    • So your opinion is that guys should date strangers? Because a good romantic relationship is built on not knowing a person nor trusting them?

    • I know from experience that if she is your friend she is not interested in you romantically and probably never will be hence the name friends.

  • timing is not ripe


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  • Yes, usually you have to find someone compatible FIRST...don't go 'dating' with strangers, or someone who just knows how to dress.

    Go places and do things where, instead of a lot of people on the hustle, you';ll find womeone with interests similar to yours.