Your first kiss?

Humm, I have a date soon, and I expect getting a first kiss, during or at the end of the date. If it's at he end, I know what to say " thank you, good night" big smile! BUT what to say if it's during the date ? I want to be original for once, maybe say something funny like " huh huh! can you do that again?" or "i did not feel it, but it's ok, give it another go!" or anything else that could be funny to a guy :)

what do you usually say? what funny thing would you say? or would you guy laugh at and give it another kiss? :)

ho yeah or something like " Haa if my boyfriend saw us right now..." then he's shocked, and I laugh and say" no I'm joking" and kiss him again...

haha that's meeeean!

what do you think ?


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  • Haha. The boyfriend comment made me laugh.

    Sometimes you need to watch using any words, because sometimes your partner may be really into the mood. You don't wanna ruin it, y'know? Especially if it's a passionate kiss. If it's more laid back then feel free to crack the jokes. Don't pull away to say it though. Just let the kiss finish naturally.

    Sometimes a smile says it all. Or a contented "hmm" or "mmm.." should suffice.

    Thank him for the great time (but not the kisss! Never thank him for the kiss) and say goodnight.

    But don't go overboard. Remember what mama said; "Make him work for it!" haha.

    Have fun on your date :)


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  • it depends on ur boyfriend if he's more liad back feel free to crack jokes but as long as you don't say anything lame you will b fine if you don't no what to say then just smile and don't say anything

  • I think you should go with your original ideas. They sound cute and very sincere. I'd be swayed to kiss you again if you said any of those things. ;)


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  • whoaaaa overthinking it a bit :) Just wing it! If after the obligatory hug good night, he hints meeting up again, or you stare into each other's eyes (yes this does happen!) a kiss will surely happen. I usually say at the end of a first date, "i had a wonderful time, thank you." and I would add, if it went well, "we should do this again some time" if he hasn't beat you to it first! If it's a first date, chances are it won't happen DURING the date, but afterwards. You should know by then where the date is headed. Don't plan anything, just do what you think is right and you will know :)

    Have fun!

    • Haha! thanks :p

    • Ho and actually... that usally take place in films! lol

      the two of us are friends, that's why I think it could happen DURING the date... and he's drinving me back so I don't know if he'll come out with me to my door for it to happen...

  • Well, when I first kissed my husband (that's right, *I* made the first move lol) he was surprised. All he could say was "What...whoa...WOW!" and after yet another, all he could say, once again was " THAT was amazing!" haha. I just kinda smiled like a geek because I had never been kissed like that before either. But, definitely don't do anything original because it makes you stand out, and he'll definitely remember you...and probably remember to call ;)

  • you could say "yummy"

    But honestly, don't worry about it, if the moment comes, it comes...and you'll know what to say.

    when my boyfriend first kissed me, I just kind of looked at him and smiled, then he smiled, told me goodnight and went into his house (it was the end of the night), and it was the sweetest thing ever.

    • "yummy" is creepy

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    • "yummy" sounds completely cool and sexy, of course I'd be tempted to kiss a girl again if she said that.

    • Well thank you Star 00901 ;)

  • I feel for you. My boyfriend is kissing me for the first time tomorrow and I have no idea how to react. Whatever you do, DO NOT SAY THANK YOU! It makes the guy think you were not really in to it. Do not be afraid to say that you have to idea what to say. It invites him to kiss you again.

  • something cute to do after he kisses you is smile look away than say "im blushing" or "i think I'm blushing", whatever. I find when you are sort of shy about it a guy is really flattered.