What is your reaction to our nicknames?

My crush and I talk a lot in person and through text. He just got a phone so ever since then we text all day. We decided to make nicknames for each other, and to me they are so cute. Our nicknames are King and Queen! How does the public view this? Our friends constantly ask why don't we go out already?


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  • For the two of you, it's cute. Why give a thought to what anyone else thinks.

    So why don't you go out already?

    • he wants to stay friends, because he doesn't want anything to happen to where we do not talk. But I hate that!

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  • Yeah also really not a fan.. right up there with this couple that called each other 'lover' non stop and just annoyed the shit out of everyone in the room lol.

    • I agree with you, but we only say it while testing and not repetitive but thanks for your comment.

  • I don't like it, but who cares what I or anyone else thinks. you shouldn't form an opinion on it based on others.


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