How to not get all crazy?

I am usually pretty relaxed person, but when it comes to a man that I like, I turn into this crazy, excited, can't thinkaboutanythingelse person.:D And I hate it.

I am studying something that isn't very easy and so this problem can get really distracting. I am constantly going out of my way to see him, if only for a few minutes. And I talk like I am on speed.:D And I might send text messages like twice a week (is that a lot?). And I get the feeling that turns guys away from me eventually. In the mean time, I can't really show I like someone more than a friend, so that may be the cause also.

How do I restrain myself from going all crazy and show them who I really am when in a relaxed enviroment?

How do I show them I want more than a friendship?

And what do you think could be the cause for someone to lose interest, when they obviously liked you before?

I'm 21 by the way and I get along with people really well since I am talkative in general.:D


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  • just keep telling yourself not to get crazy and don't over think things