Is it true that the only whit dudes who date black girls are the undesirables?

There's a certain user on here whom I won't name, who keeps bring this up in her questions and answers a lot.

She thinks that the only white guys who would actually date black women are the undesirables. and by this she means socially awkward, and/or ugly white dudes, most likely virgins.

Do you think there's truth to this? or is she smoking something?

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  • She is on something. I'm black and all I get hit on by is white men. This is been college baseball and basketball players, older professional guys, men I work with etc. why can't people love someone for attraction purposes? Why does it always have to be a color or stereotypical issue? I love men of all colors and races. I've dated a white guy for a few years and id do it again with another white guy. and trust me these white men are fine as fuck! I still think of one of them especially the guy who played baseball for my university :)


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  • I think it depends on the person. I have only seen one white male/black woman relationship and the dude wasn't attractive to ME, but I didn't think he was "ugly" either. Since I've only seen one couple of this interracial pairing, I really can't begin to accurately say if that theory is true or not.

    Although, I would assume it is not true for the majority of white men who are into black women. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions and people are allowed to have differing viewpoints.

    I mean, every type of interracial couple has stereotypes. I've heard many times that only fat sloppy white women date black men. However, I am currently dating a black man and I am neither fat nor sloppy. There are always exceptions to every stereotype.

    • I find it odd that guys are only ever find with certain IR pairings being stereotyped. For example, white woman and black men. White men find it perfectly fine to stereotype those IR relationships but dare you say anything about white men/black women or white men/Asian women and it's "jealousy." But it's the "truth" when they're stereotyping

    • True. I think that's just a superiority issue with certain men like that. I feel like a lot of people pick and choose to some degree what's okay and what's not okay when it comes to things like this.

  • There is nothing wrong with black girls. Each person has to be judged by their individual case and there is nothing wrong with white guys dating black girls or black guys dating white girls. It's all preference.

    Also I prefer virgins. I want to find one but I'm 28 years old and most virgins or former virgins are married at my age.

  • my dad is white and dated whites, orientals, italians and a black girl once.

    he was often told he looked like paul mccartney.

    he got hit all the time by women even though his wife and daughter (me) were standing next to him LOL

  • I think all of that is a bit silly. I have seen some of those stereotype fit the what you are saying but I have seen many good looking white guys with black girls. Where I live people are not fixated on race anyway and there is a nice mix of people.

  • Typically, yes.

    There is a trend amongst white men who (exclusively) date/marry black or Asian women. You never see a Liam Hemsworth with either of those types of women.

    They eventually end up settling on either of those groups after failing with their own. Don't shoot the messenger.

    And I never said virgins. Virginity has nothing to do with this. Tim Tebow is hot and he's a virgin (so it's claimed). Lolo Jones is a'ight and she's a virgin.

  • No. I've seen some hot white guys with black women.

  • Pickledxtofu you sound really ignorant. If anything, black women tend to be more of a challenge than white women. So going to a black girl after "getting shot down" by a white girl would make zero sense on the white man's part. If anything, the white man will turn to Asian women after being shot down by a white woman.

    And on another note, I notice that black women tend to attract the more attractive, confident, physically fit white men.

    • if anything LOL

    • "If anything" is a common saying meaning "contrary to your opinion" I don't get why it's funny..

  • Funny how she's black dating a white guy...

    Anyway, the only white guys I've seen with black girls were uggos but that's not all white guys who date black girls. Diana ross once married a really good looking white guy.

    • yeah it's like she's calling herself ugly or calling her boyfriend ugly or undesirable...

    • +1 at opening sentence ahahahaha

  • no there is no such rule

    • not a rule, a trend perhaps.

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  • I see white guys approaching black girls in clubs all the time. I've seen some white guy/black girl pairs, and one of the white guys I know who is quite big with a lot of options in girls since pretty much every girl I know likes him dated a black girl just recently. Personally, as an Indian guy I find black girls attractive but since they are really not into us I don't bother approaching them. It's pretty obvious with all the questions here and in real life that outside of black guys, the black girls are only interested in white guys.

    • Approaching girls in clubs=for sex, not relationships. Therefore one can conclude that they only go after that group of women for sex

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    • Sex isn't the same as relationships. So it's still implying that those girls won't be taken seriously. I think the QA is talking about actually dating, not just hooking up

    • In my reply, I meant relationships.

  • I don't consider myself undesirable and I've dated black women. I didn't date them because they were black any more than I would have ruled out dating them because I was black. I believe they felt the much same way.

  • I totally disagree with that statement. That's like saying white guys think black girls are the bottom class. If the guy can't get a white girl, he goes for a black girl. I absolutely don't think white guys are like that. I've seen white guy/black girl couples numerous times, and they look lovely together. I'm white and I noticed that I attract black girls. But I know that I'm not awkward or ugly.

  • It's just like the fable that black men can't get a white girl unless she's trashy , fat, ugly or he can't get a attractive white woman unless he's rich, famous. etc . I've seen plenty of black guys with attractive white women and I've seen white guys with attractive black women just like I've seen plenty of white guys with fat ugly women of all races and I've seen black guys with fat ugly women of all races. At the end of the day it all these accusations that a certain race can't get a certain race unless they are lacking in the looks department is nothing but jealousy so don't pay it no mind. Besides more and more whites (especially white women) are gravitating toward IR relationships and marriage and racist people are worried so they try to discourage by coming out with stats on the success rates of interracial marriages in attempt to discourage people (especially white women) from even considering IR dating and/or relationships

  • White guys go for black girls because they aren't socially adept enough for a white girl? That argument sounds pretty racist.

    • Also, unlikely.

      Guys who are too intimidated to go after white girls hit on black girls ... Yeah.

  • Well on GaG, the race vigilantes only come out of their nest when they see a post that attacks them. For example...if a person says only dejected white guys go after black girls, the white male vigilantes will come out in full swing. But on the questions concerning a white girl dating a black guy, the white male race vigilantes are either silent, or stereotyping. This is why I don't take them seriously, nor do I take seriously the legions of black girls on here who are desperate for the approval of white men.

    • +1

      This was downvoted, but it was downvoted because it speaks nothing but the truth.

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