Should I be upset about this situation?

My wife, 3 children and I moved in with my at the time best friend. We were staying there for a while until we could get back on our feet. After about a month her and I separated. I told her that I had no problem letting her stay there as long as she did start having a romantic relationship with my friend. They both promised that something like that would never happen. Well, one day I got a hold of her phone and saw text messages from each other using words like "I love you babe" when I asked her about it she told me that it was none of my business and that her and I aren't together anymore and I can't tell her who she can and cannot be with. Keep in mind we are still married and my children live in this same house. Well she yet again promised that it would stop and not happen again. Then she moved out. And again I get her phone and saw texts from each other saying the same stuff. And again she said it was none of my business and she can see whoever she wants. My question is who is in the right? The way I see it is that he was my best friend and they both promised me that this would never happen. She says that everyone she talks to about it says I'm just being controlling. I can't get over that no one she talks to about it seems to think its messed up that 1.) she swear to god this would never happen then happen again and 2.) this was my best friend and 3.) My children were living in that house. I'm not talking about who is legally right. I want morality . Who is morally right?


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  • The way you painted this story, you. There's no contest or room of consideration.

    Now let's cut the crap; why did you actually separate?

    • money problems...and my wifes "friends"

    • So there's an entire novel behind this with a long-standing history. Was the decision to separate mutual? Did she insist? Is there anything to know about the sexual history that would have played up to this point? High promiscuity or lifestyle, etc.?

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