How do yu go on dates when you don't have a car?/At home date ideas?

So I'm 18 and live with my mom while I'm going to school (cheapest option. I have a full ride scholarship but that's only 2 years so I'm reserving that for my Junior and Senior year) anyway, I hit a deer with my car recently (yeah so it's trash until I get $1500 to fix it)

I have a boyfriend who I've been dating for 6 months and he's in a similar predicament (never had a car, lives on campus but is about to get kicked out of his dorm for Christmas)

Long story short how do people date without cars? I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 15 and then we always just hung out at the youth club (which I'm not allowed to go to anymore they kick you out when you turn 18 although I am welcome to work there) and I never went out on dates and stuff although I knew plenty of kids that had been since they were like 12.

So, how do you go on dates without a car? My mom will lend me her truck for short periods of time (no more than 2 hours because she has places to be) and I'm sure she'll lend it to me while she's at work no problem so he can hang out at my house, but it'll probably get boring being in the house for a whole month. Or if anyone has date ideas for the house that would be cool too..



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  • You people just KILL me with how many details I have to ask for to help you!

    1. Is there any form of public transpiration?

    2. How far away are attractions from you? How far away is Mr. Man?

    3. What is the weather like?

    Let's presume you told me that the weather is cold, he lives 10 mis. away, and you live 8 mis. out of town. Let's also presume you have no public transporation.


    1. Double-date for the time being. Go out with a friend. You win and they win and everyone wins due to a car.

    2. Set up a scheduled event such as say Rock Climbing for $30 an hour or Lazer Tage, if you can borrow the car just do it within the limit.

    3. Have hot sex. Self-explanatory.

    4. Have hot phone sex. Even more self-explanatory.

    5. Camp out in the backyard and watch the stars for a little while. Roast some Marshmellows over a tiny butane tank and giggle about days gone by and days to come.

    • We live in a small town with no public transportation, nearest attractions are an hour away (my cousins call our town mall the "great hallway" lol. We have a JcPenney, Claires and Bath and Body Works that's it), right now I think weather is bad everywhere since it's December it's been raining everyday here.

      He does live 10 minutes away from me which is why having him over is no big deal though

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  • Grab a good TV show or a good movie. How about a romantic dinner at you place? Perhaps you guys can game at home together. You know d best dates are those that are inexpensive, simple and spontaneous.

  • For girls?

    Back to basics. The guy picks you up, lol. I've done it, it's not that bad, to pick a girl up instead of meet her somewhere. Honestly, I think it's a better feeling.

  • She uses the truck non stop? My parents would be home most of the day and had 2 vehicles anyway. Could take whatever for whenever...

    Theres not much to do at your house, movies/tv/sex/gaming maybe?

  • date unnatractive guys , we don't need a car , we will just be thankful that a girl likes us


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