Why is he being keen and stand off ish at the same time?

met this guy a couple weeks ago. we have been talking quite a bit but off an on. one day he will be really full on snap chatting me food and random stuff all day and texting me. the next day or so I won't even hear from him much maybe one snap chat back if I send one. then he will randomly call me saying he likes the sound of my voice we talked on phone for ages and texted. then the next day nothing. then the day after he would be texting again. I have only known him a couple weeks. but is the lack of consistency a bit weird? why is he being so keen then stand off ish at the same time.


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  • He's probably really into you and doesn't want to screw it up by smothering you, but hasn't really found a good way to control his actions. Just give him a little time to find the right balance and try go guide him a little bit by sending the right signals.

    • yea that could be true. do you think maybe it could be true that he is also simply into someone else as well. so doesn't need my attention all the time. like has other girls there as well which he alternates between talking to

    • Well it's technically possible, but it seems unlikely to me that there's another girl. I think that if there were other girls he wouldn't be alternating attention the way he does. The the fact that he's alternating attention sounds like it's because he's using a rule of thumb to control how much attention he gives you, so don't worry too much about it. Besides, it sounds like he's too much into you to really even be thinking about other girls. ;)

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