GUYS, this guy is being weird and I like him. How does he feel for me? Please help me x

Well I have a problem. I was seeing a guy Andrew for a month or so a whole year ago. He pretty much messed me about and left me in a mess after it. We never ended on good terms.

The weird thing is that I met his friend Lewis (he lives with Andrew at Uni by the way) just over a month ago now and I think we took a liking to each other. First night we met at a house party, we talked about dates/ the zoo etc and we shared a kiss. Fell asleep cuddling and that was it. When I got home he had sent me a FB request. At the time I ignored it because I was busy. When I went online later, he'd deleted it! But I re-added him anyway although he hid the fact we'd became friends from his timeline.

I knew Andrew had probably said something bad about me and I was right! Next time I saw Lewis out locally he told me that he'd find it awkward and so would Andrew if we ever went out. So I told him I respected that. Despite that we still ended up kissing. We then ended up at Lewis' house with a few of his friends. Before I knew it he had his head snuggled into my chest while I had my arms round him. We lay on the couch together and even did a little eskimo kiss at one point. We never properly made out but we kissed for about 5 hours straight just using our lips. He never let me go all night. We gazed into each others' eyes for most of the night too. At one point he was looking at me and told me 'you're too cute'. We ended up softly grinding against each other a little too. Overall it was kind of romantic and when I got cold he wrapped me in his jumper. Can I add, he wasn't after sex and apologised anytime he thought he'd made me uncomfortable. He's pretty sweet.

When morning came I told him I still respected what he'd told me the night before. He didn't make eye contact with me at this point, he just looked at the floor and didn't respond. I said bye to him and gave him a hug. He kissed my cheek and I kissed his then left.

I've saw him once since that night and we were both really drunk. He made eye contact with me a few times but didn't really smile, just stared. He ended up being near me in the same part of the bar that I was but didn't approach me. I ended up saying hi to him, but we didn't speak much. I remember holding both his hands for a brief moment.

That same night my things got stolen and he saw me crying me eyes out. He looked helpless and stared at me with a sympathetic look on his face but AGAIN didn't approach me. I was standing with his best friend at this point.

So yeah, I'm totally confused. Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on how he might feel for me? He's shy around me too, but I don't know if it's because he doesn't like me or because he does like me.


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  • " he hid the fact we'd became friends from his timeline"

    "Before I knew it he had his head snuggled into my chest"

    "softly grinding against each other"

    "kind of romantic" (kind of sexual it sounds like lol)

    "he wasn't after sex" (alright then...)

    And we're you the one to grab his hands? The bar seems pretty one sided there.

    • Yeah, but he lives with the guy I used to date, so I thought he may have hid it because of that. He just rested his head under my neck and closed his eyes for a bit...his friends were in the room at the time. AND I started grinding against him a little but then he was like 'sorry sorry sorry blah blah' although it was me. It was romantic though. And he wasn't he's not a one-night stand kinda guy.

      I don't remember to be honest, as I say, we were drunk :(

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    • still kinda awkward though! and the fact he saw me crying and didn't approach me then, makes me wonder..

    • maybe he thought it was about him, idk.

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