This is long, but I'm in damsel in distress situation. Could anyone read it? I'll select a best answer!

Well I have a problem. I was seeing a guy Andrew for a month or so over a year ago. He left me in a mess and ended on bad terms.

The weird thing is that I met his friend Lewis just over a month ago now and I'm certain we took a liking to each other. First night we met at a house party, we talked about dates/ the zoo etc and we shared a kiss. Fell asleep cuddling and that was it. When I got home he had sent me a FB request. At the time I ignored it because I was busy. When I went online later, he'd deleted it! But I re-added him anyway although he hid the fact we'd became friends from his timeline. He flat-shares with Andrew and I just knew that Andrew had probably said something bad about me to Lewis.

Next time I saw Lewis out locally he told me that he'd find it awkward and so would Andrew if we ever went out. So I told him I respected that. Despite that we still ended up kissing. We then ended up at Lewis' friend's house. Before I knew it he had was asking to snuggle into him. I had my arms round him and he put his head under my neck. We lay on the couch together and even did a little eskimo kiss at one point. We never properly made out but we kissed for about 5 hours straight just using our lips. He seemed hesitant to tongue kiss me for some reason. He never let me go all night. We gazed into each others' eyes for most of the night too. At one point he was looking at me and told me 'you're too cute'. There was a point we were softly grinding against each other a little too. Overall it was kind of romantic and when I got cold he wrapped me in his jumper. Can I add, he wasn't after sex and apologised anytime he thought he'd made me uncomfortable. He's pretty sweet.

When morning came I told him I still respected that we couldn't get together. He didn't make eye contact with me at this point, he just looked at the floor and didn't respond. I said bye to him and gave him a hug. He kissed my cheek and I kissed his then left.

I've saw him once since that night and we were both really drunk. He made eye contact with me a few times but didn't really smile, just stared. He ended up being near me in the same part of the bar that I was but didn't approach me. I ended up saying hi to him, but we didn't speak much. I remember holding both his hands for a brief moment.

That same night my things got stolen and he saw me crying my eyes out. He looked helpless and stared at me with a sympathetic look on his face but AGAIN didn't approach me. I was standing with one of his friend's at this point.

He is generally shy, but he's friendly with most people however around me he's quiet. Even when I'm talking to him he says very little and told me that people 'sometimes think he's stupid'. I don't know if he's quiet because he dislikes me though.

So yeah, I'm totally confused. Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on how he might feel for me?


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  • He REALLY LIKES YOU, any one who reads this knows straight away! He's just upset that he can't have you so it's better for him to stay away then to be nere you were his feeling are going to grow more and more, you should tell him that you like him and that yous both shouldn't care what that other guy thinks cause if he was a real friend he would want his best mate to be happy.

    • Thanks he's been really putting me off with the distance and making me feel unwanted. I want to, but then again he maybe doesn't like me enough to take me out anyway!

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    • I hope the same turns out for me, it's looking kinda bleak though!

    • Let us know how you go :) and good luck and buck up and do it :)

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  • He really likes you but he is trying to hold his feelings back.

    He doesn't want them to grow for you.

  • Well I don't much beside what you put on here but it sounds to me that he likes you and is very sad that he can't be with sounds like he keeps looking at you because he likes you.the part where you wereat the bar might be he wanted to approach you but didn't know how to make you feel better or anything he might just be me there are two things you can do.1 is to be friends with him and try to do friend like stuff.that might be really hard if he keeps avoiding you. But if you really like him and want to try the 2nd thing you can try is to talk to your ex and see if he does not mine you guys together.I hoped it helps some

    • Thank you, this was very helpful advice :) I'll keep it in mind for when I next see him again.

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