First date kiss on the cheek?

If a girl kissed you on the cheek after a first or second date, granted that they went well, would you just consider this cute or would you be worried that she's not too interested?

What do kisses on cheeks (from girls) mean for guys?


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  • If you were to ask me, a kiss on the cheek signals a guy that you want to kiss (on the lips of course) and you are testing the comfort the guy holds, of course in this instance it could be considered cute and not my original meaning. In almost every circumstance I would not say this is showing a guy that you are not interested, because if you were not interested you would probably not kiss the guy anyways, you don't see friends just kissing friends, even on the cheek. Also if this guy knows much, he would not assume your not interested anyways because it usually takes a girl like an hour to decide on if they want to go on another date, when FYI it only takes a guy 15 minutes or less.

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    • Great answer! Thank you!

    • On the part when I said "In almost every circumstance I would not say this is showing a guy that you are not interested" I meant they are interested, not... not interested sorry about that. - By the way, if in your comment you were saying great answer to me, then I would wish of you put mark mine as best answer because I joined only two days ago and I am all about helping people and I would like to get xper points, and that would give me some.

  • I would consider it cute and I would not think that she is not interested. She at least gave me a kiss and I would think that she would be willing to go out with me for a second date. It would means at least she showed some interested in me.


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