Does she like me, or is she just being really nice?

I told this girl I like her, and asked her out on a date. She happily said yes, but never said if she liked me back in the same way. We hang out once a week, and nearly every time its just her and me. And its not just me initiating all the time, its about a 3:1 ratio of initiation. Also, if she can't meet me at a certain time she always reschedules to a definite time. We don't hug or anything, and we've known each other for a few months. We've both never dated before and we are both kind of shy, so should I just be more obvious about how I feel to assure her of my feelings, like initiate hugs, compliment her? Has she friend zoned me, she is really nice to everyone? Or is she just kinda stuck in this phase of wondering if she likes me? What should I do?


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  • it sounds like she likes you but is just shy/afraid of getting into a relationship. If she didn't want to hang out with you, she wouldn't reschedule the times when she couldn't hang out with you. If she knew you like her and hasn't run in the opposite direction for fear of having to awkwardly reject you if you ask her out, she definitely has some sort of feelings for you.

    • Thanks! Any advice on what I should do moving forward?

    • I think you should be more explicit with your intentions to go out with her, a least hug and or kiss to get things moving!

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  • If you told her you like her, but she never said the same back even though you hang out a lot, that doesn't sound like a good sign. Also, who's the 3 and who's the one in that ratio? You've known each other for a few months, AND you told her you like her YET you don't hug? That doesn't make any sense nor does that sound like a good sign. So far everything that you've stated coming from her hasn't shown that she likes you as more than a friend. Just because she hangs out with you (and by yourselves) doesn't mean she likes you as more than a friend (and it's weird that she hasn't expressed any sort of answer although YOU have). Yes, you should be more obvious about your feelings with more flirting and hugs and maybe put your arm around her, and then you can observe how she reacts to that. If she isn't CLEAR in her reactions at some point after you actually act like you like her, then ask her directly for an answer "what do you think of me/see me as?" Floating around in this bubble isn't going to do anything for you, so man up, flirt, and be direct. If she's new to this, you need to be direct with her.

  • OH she likes you


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