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So recently I noticed one of my friends was paying me a little more attention than usual. Making excuses for me to stop by..talking more..so I took the initiative and asked him out. We went out..we had drinks, we had a good time..he stayed at my house till 4am..talking and watching movies..he didn't make a move..nothing..he sent me a text letting me know he got home ok..i said I had a really nice time I hope we can do it again..he said me too. And I haven't heard from him since..it's been 3 days..I sent a casual text message about him being right about the weather yesterday..no response..now I'm confused..what is he doing?


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  • Maybe he just didn't see it coming and reconsidered his thoughts about it? Maybe. He lean red to give it some time for it to know how things truly work and take the initiative by himself the time he knew it would be right.

    Just give him some time to figure out how he feels about this he might even think you are chasing after him or something alike. I suggest you give it some time wether it's days or hours until he texts you first and you should consider your options based on what the text says.


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  • Ah okay...acquaintances for 3 years AND brother's friend... brush it off. Consider it a good time spent with a friend. Nothing more and let it be.

    You'll obviously be seeing him again and it sounds like, to me, that he might have wanted to see if there's anything there, but lost interest. Not to mention that he's a "family" friend, too, which plays a role. But again, that's just what it sounds like to me and is based on my experiences being in your shoes and his shoes. So, be normal and treat him like a friend. It'll take the awkwardness away.

    He knows you had a good time. If you're worth it to him, he'll make a move. If not, you'll still be fine! =)

  • How long have you been friends for? And what kinds of things was he doing that made you feel he was paying you "a little more attention"?

    I agree with cotsia, if being with you intimately is what he was going for, then he could be feeling more for you than what he expected and doesn't want to ruin what you already have.

    On another note, he might be wondering why you didn't sleep with him (or make any kind of move first) since you already have the friend part down and you're the one to ask him out. He may be feeling rejected.

    Either way, give him time. Don't call or text him. Let him come to you.

    • We've known each other about 3 years. I'm not sure I'd say friends..we had never hung out till last weekend. He is friends with my brother and rents a room out of my dads home. He's lived there about a year so I see him when I visit my dad. Its just lately he's started really staying near me there and talking to me more on the phone and by text.

  • ugh too complicated, move on.

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