Why should I even care? Why does this bother me to such an extent?

Whenever I see a good girl going out with a punk ass I just want to scream. Why do they waste their time? Picture these girls in a few years, they won't be dating him and they'll probably be with or married to a good, career minded man, that may or maybe not have gotten much female attention when he was younger, and that is a good father figure. I wouldn't put it past girls anymore that they couldn't even recognize a good guy when he was right in front of her face, or she'll find some way to fault him enough so she doesn't feel like she should date him. Wouldn't surprise me at all!

Like I said, I probably shouldn't even care that much but why the hell do they waste their time? It gets me so pissed off.


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  • it's immaturity and insecurity. young girls are insecure, still developing into themselves. the bad boy is exciting and knows how to get her attention. it often takes a bad boy to understand what a relationship should and should not be. the bad boy is often more aggressive at getting her. he is fun and exciting and for a young girl who may not understand or be thinking about marriage yet she jumps at the opportunity.

    this is especially true if she has daddy issues or did not grow up seeing a respectful relationship between two adults. I've been there, done that. I dated a few bad boys and I finally learned my lesson. now I only want good guys. no, I did not sleep with all the bad boys I am a virgin so don't call me a hypocrite. I dated the bad boys because they were aggressive and exciting and knew how to keep me on a hook before my self esteem was high enough to know better.

    • I hope I can find a girl that has saved herself for the right guy like you have. That was smart of you at least.

      Since guys always want the most attractive of girls, it's hard to grasp the idea of how girls are pretty much the opposite and feel that they have to sort through trash before raising their standards.

      I've even had a girl think I was a great guy, and then later insult me because I kept showing her that I wanted to be with her, before she ever gave me definitive closure.

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    • They're manipulative. That's it. I took the forward and honest approach and it seemed to really freak her out. Ever since, and it was a long while ago, I've been so upset about it. I'm still angry and it's like 4 years later. Yes, we were young, but even now, I would have wanted to be with her. I never felt so strongly for a girl in my life! She seemed so similar to me too in some ways. I really feel that because I still think about her all the time too, that really says something.

    • It's just such a shame it had to be this way.

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  • Everyone has a right to experiment and date who they want.get some pussy and you won't be preoccupied with what other women are doing with theirs.

    • Except if I don't like a girl, I don't want to waste my time with her. The thought of touching or kissing someone I don't like is really unappealing to me. I could never go to a club and just make out with a random girl for fun. I don't know how some people do it.

    • Ms. Br0wn speaks the truth...guys who want to and are having decent or better success with women,uunderstand that not all girls only want serious relationships. Some girls just wanna have fun (including casual sex with sexy guys that aren't husband material).

  • Maybe you think he's taking advantage of him and sometimes these girls don't know the relationship won't last. Sometimes they think they can change the guy. I knew this really classy girl who was dating an ex-drug addict and he was rapping about raping and playing around with whores with his friend - yeah he used the word whore - while that girl would probably not even tolerate the slightest degree of disrespect from her man yet she was dating him.

    • Yep this is not the slightest bit uncommon.

  • Next time you see a hot chick with a loser bf: Swiftly grab her from the loser with your hopeless romance. Catch her attention, then blow her away in the most romantic way. She will see what she could have, dump the loser and you win! If you really interested in someone attached, show them the grass is greener on the other side.

    • Yeah that sounds reaslitic lol... Not. Good way to lose some teeth though.

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  • These "punk ass" guys are ALWAYS the more confident and aggressive guys...those two traits will ALWAYS attract females.

    The guys that complain rather than be aggressive and confident with females...are the ones that are missing out!

    Fully accept and embrace every positive and every aspect of who you are (this is how real confidence is acquired ), and go and talk to females. I personally find females interesting to talk to because they function and process differently than men.

    The more you talk to females, the more comfortable you'll be.


    These "punk ass" dudes are obviously doing something right.

    • They're doing far more things wrong than I am.

    • But they're getting sexual action...alot of those guys have their entire lives driven towards getting pussy (which I personally find pathetic).

  • If she ever see's you emotional about this reason, she will never date you. That's why you should stop all jealous behavior forever.

    • Why not? How does a woman ever expect to last with a man that isn't emotional?

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    • Since when does that mean he is emotionally weak? What if he just really likes that particular woman? That doesn't make him weak.

    • men who are jealous are needy. men who are not jealous don't care enough to be jealous because they know if she rejects them, there will be one who doesn't. men who are jealous have a scarcity mindset in other words - poor. boys fight over girls. men dont.

  • We call it jealousy.

    • I don't even know if I am jealous though. I'm certainly not jealous of who those guys are or of their life. I just get upset that girls flock to guys like that when they don't deserve them or to be in a relationship at all.

      When the guy doesn't care enough about himself, how is he supposed to care for a girl? On top of it all, these girls should know better. They're better than that.

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    • My utmost gratitude for answering my question ;)

  • My question is, why do you care about these girls? If they're flocking to "punk ass guys", they're obviously no good either. Why would you want them?

    • Because these women are attractive and have the choice to be good or not. They are in full control of their destiny. Not many of them choose the right path. Or if they do, it takes years for them to change their ways. No good man should have to wait around for that!

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    • I like this dude's answer. Attractive or not, those types of girls for me are a compatibility mismatch for me if I'm looking for a relationship.

    • Exactly. What self-respecting man is going to wait for one of those types? If my only choice was one of those vs. being single, I'd choose to stay single. Luckily I found a good one.

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