I really like him but it's so hard to be with him?

I'm 18 and well he's 16,and everything is okay no statutory raps problems.

It's only well, I am trying to get into college and can't financially support myself so I live with my parents. They want me to date older guys and the guy I like is still in school and has no job. He has a poor family and had had it rough like me.

We met a few months ago while I was with my first boyfriend and I hung with him more than my boyfriend. who I had a mutual breaking up with, and this guy was sort of my rebound I guess but me and him get eachother, our humor and personalities just click. He doesn't pressure me into sex ( I kinda pressure him) we are comfy in front of each other, I am mean to him but he puts up with my crazy stuff and I him. He told me he felt he could love me eventually.

I don't trust people but I've put him through hell and back and he deals with it. The only problem is, he told me " I'm sick of trying just to have my heart broke so I'm not anymore, I can only offer you myself not money or a car or anything"

Which is fine to me I'd rather be self supportive but my family dislike him and I broke up with him but we still talk and I can't stop thinkif about him. He makes me so happy but mad too. It just sucks cause the only place we get to be together at is just talking in my truck, which is what we do for hours otherwise my parents are up our ass and his house is the same.

I just figure I shouldn't date anyone and I just won't be happy.

I don't know what to do. I mean I so have better guys for options but mentally they don't make me happy.

I forgot to mention, me and him communicate well. We argue occasionally but work it out it's usually cause of me and my mix of feelings. He told me he wants a long term relationship but I told him I want him to do something with his life he's skeptical and worried about it. He's had it rough and he says he's told me things he hasn't told anyone. He never gets annoyed at me badly like he did with prior girlfriends and I'm the best he's had.


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  • Wow that sounds like a tough situation to be in.. really sorry to hear that. My advise would be to do what makes YOU happy. At the end of the day you will be done with college have your own house your own life, so they won't be able to dictate who you are with at that point. I know it's not easy being in the situation you are in, but if he makes you happy then keep him around as long as you possibly can. Who's to say in 4-5 years you guys may not have the opportunity to live together? I do on the otherside see how it would be awful to not have support from your parents, and I know you probably want to make them happy as well, but for them to "tell" you to only date "older" guys is AWFUL. Be with whoever makes YOU happy, because at the end of the day it's YOUR life. Good luck! :)

    • That's basically what I've been saying, we spent time together dating and I think it's my parents pushing me not to date him which influenced our breakup. It's just now we're apart I want him more than ever where as when we were together I was afraid ( last relationship problems) and my family but now I feel I do truly like him. It's just not my truck or my money yet :/

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  • Sounds like your problem is not that this guy is no good for you... sounds like the problem is in you letting others tell you he's not. This is one of those situations where you'll end up hating yourself later down the road for letting others decide what is best for you when you know otherwise.

  • You're in a different place from where he is life wise. You need to see to your own welfare and he needs to finish growing into whatever kind of man he'll become. Don't freak out if you don't stay compatible.

    Don't let him use his current situation as an excuse for not getting what he wants out of life. Not what you want for him, but what HE wants. Once he knows what he wants, that is... :-)


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