Long distance dating hot & cold?

So weeks ago I hit it off with an amazing guy I've known for a bit.he left the country before summer. Recently we both admitted to having crushes on eachother. His was since 2008. Mine April of this year! We almost dated in April, but I had just ended a relationship. When we would hang out you could feel the tension but he was to nervous to make a move. And I just felt I should make a move when I had just gotten out of a relationship. He would make excuses up to come to my city to "meet" up. We would but again nothing. He admitted to just wanting to seem me. He told me he loved me and he talked about me with not only his friends but his parents! Which I've never met! I'm planning on visiting him and he's helping with a itinerary and jokes for me to stay longer. He also told me he thinks about us being a family... I have a daughter. We would talk daily for hours for 2 months then suddenly 2 weeks ago he said we should see how things go, we had talked about not dating until we live in the same state but he repeated what we agreed on. I was confused and asked what he meant he said I don't have to wait for him. I said I would and I was busy with work and school so dating is never an option. He would always tell me he loves me and I'm on his mjnd. Suddenly he's busy in school. It's his last year. And finals time. We hardly talk like days go by. When we do he reassures me he loves me and talks about the trip but I can't help but feel why doesn't he at least have time to shoot me a text. It got to the point where he says I want to call you next week. But nothing! He is a cancer and I know cancers mess with your head to test you? But I don't know if a) he's busy b) he's testing me c) he's playing me? He's just always online and I see it but I respect his wish. If just bothers me he has time to chat with other individuals! My trip is for sure, I am going in 3 months. I just don't know how to react. He's also moving back in the beginning of summer! He might even stay with me. Guys what does this sound like to you?


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  • Sounds like he's not that interested.