Why she became so distant to me?

So we've been dating for 4 months now she is 22 I'm 21. On the beginning for like 2 months we were txting and talking on the phone all the time. She txted me first and sometimes I, everything was smooth and okay. Right now for last 2 months I have to do all the txting and stuff like that everyday because if I don't txt her for few hours she don't do it and, sometimes very rarely giving me short responses it depends on the day. So I don't know what's going on there what should I do? It's bothering me and I confronted her about it one day she said stop worrying hun.

I really care about her a lot. I did a lot of things to her and always being sweet and gentleman. She told me that likes me because I treat her right and stuff like that. There is one more thing we never had sex either. I was waiting for all those months not pushing her into it or saying anything about it. Then one day I asked what your thoughts about sex? and she replied sex is sex that was it. For real she is comfortable around me, we french kissed a lot in the past but now it disappeared, she allowed me to touch her and lick her breasts. When I tried to put my hand into her pants she told me are you in rush so I said no. Right now it's just normal kiss no more french kissing or stuff like that. What should I tell her that I really want to get intimate with her again. I mean sex is not everything but it's important as well to maintain healthy relationship. I've bottled up those things in me for some time but I'm getting more frustrated thinking about her all the time. At the same time I don't want to hurt her. I told her that I love her so much I write her a poem about few days ago and sent it to her. She was like aww that's really cute. I did a lot of poems to prove my commitment. Thing is we living 40 miles away from each other, just an hour of driving so I don't think it is a long distance relationship. Our meetings are basically 2 times a week or on weekends since she works full time and I work full time and going to college as well. She told me that she has trust issues but I'm upfront with her. She's always informed what I'm doing right now. She never paid for anything on our dates but I know she has kinda hard family situation living just with her mom in apartment. So what should I say to her step by step to not hurt her feelings or make her upset?. Since we gotta go to lunch on Saturday then next meeting will be next week cos her week is hectic now. She don't like lies. I really wanna spend much more time with her just to be together for us. We always holding hands or cuddle or normal kiss but no sex no more french kissing. Please give me some advice what should I do? I truly love her but I don't want our relationship to fail... If this matter to you we are interracial she's Caribbean and I'm Polish. Should I start calling her again even for 5 minutes to ask her how's everything and telling her good night?

I don't really like long phone conversations because I'm running out of topics sometimes. Anyway I took her to a nice trip to Canada it was a good time we slept together in one bed but nothing more happened.


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  • She is losing interest


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