She hasn't responded to my date request?

A girl who put her hand on my chest and asked for my number when we met, added me on Facebook too a couple days ago.

It really did sound as if she was interested as she said "sounds good x [...]" to me saying that "we should go grab some drinks and play pool together" ...

Anyway I texted her yesterday asking her if she wanted to meet up on Friday afternoon for the date and she hasn't answered me.

She would usually have texted me back today,

She has an iPhone and I can see that the message has "delivered" but not "seen".

What's up?

Should I message her on Facebook tomorrow, as it's too late tonight?


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  • Dude, don't worry. Its only been a couple days. Maybe her phone bill was late. Maybe she ran out of texts. Maybe her brother or sister deleted the text before she could see it. Anything could have happened. Just wait a little longer and maybe message her on fb.