Why won't this girl respond to my text messages?

Hey guys I'm really confused here. So in June I met a girl at work and I asked her out on a date. After a few dates I went to the emergency room because I needed a brain tumor removed. So I basically stopped talking to everyone for about a month. Then after visiting my job I saw her and talked to her but she was just cold towards me and I offered her a ride home. She told me she was waiting for a ride from a supervisor and she acted very cold so I figured she didn't like me anymore. I continued to text her but she flat out stopped responding. A few months later a bunch of rumors spread that she was sleeping with the supervisor and it was a big deal because that's illegal. I got really mad and frankly wouldn't really talk to her that much. Now that I'm back to work I told her I missed her and it was good to see her and she said the same. But now I try texting her and she never responds. So two days ago I confronted her and asked her why she was mad and she told me that she was offended that I wouldn't talk to her. I apologized and explained that there was a lot going on in my life because I did 8 weeks of radiation and I'm on chemo right now. She said sorry and I asked her if I could text her and she said yes. But now that I sent her another text she still hasn't responded. I'm confused because I thought we were mutually attracted to each other and I've rejected other girls in the hopes that we might start a relationship again. Any advice would help


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  • First, I hope things are going well with you medically speaking!

    There's no easy way of saying it, but this girl is a flat out idiot. Doesn't matter how well you two get along or how hot she is, she's a huge waste of time if she can't understand that a brain tumor takes precedence over staying in contact with her after just a few dates. All that tells me is that she's incredibly selfish. Stay completely away from this girl! I would run the other way, I'm telling you this girl is not worth it at all. There are much better girls out there. Plus I'm pretty sure those rumors are true.

    • thanks dude, and yeah I pretty much stopped trying to get our relationship back on track. And last night I found out she's with the biggest player at work so you're right I dodged a bullet haha

    • thanks for BA! I hope you bump into someone much better soon.

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  • She has poor communications skills. Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Be happy. Instead of assuming you didn't want to talk to her she should have used her communications skills and asked you when she initially thought something was wrong especially if it was out of character for you to behave in that way. Sorry, but she is not texting you because she doesn't want to. She may know you like her and either she doesn't want to hurt your feelings or she doesn't care. Move on because clearly she did.

    Both of you guys can learn a lesson in communicating. The question is not about what we can't control so focus on what you can control. Focus on what you will do differently next time. It is not the end of the world. Sounds like she needs more maturity anyway. I still don't understand how she didn't know about your surgery. If she did and she was mature she would understand that when you undergo something like brain surgery it is life changing. Sometimes people act differently or need space with life changing experiences. Instead of pulling away she should have taken the opportunity to show you more love and kindness. It makes me wonder how much of what you love about her is beyond superficial...something to think about.

    Also she may be embarrassed or confused or guilty over her behavior that everyone at work knows about as far as sleeping with your boss. She has a lot on her plate especially if they are not together anymore. You need to be considerate of that.

    I really believe that if you take the moment to assess without emotion you may even see that perhaps now is not the time for her to be in a relationship. Would it be selfish of you to put this pressure on her when it sounds like she really needs a good year or two to iron out her own wrinkles?

    Hope it all works out for you.

  • She's no longer interested


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