Why do they always lose interest?

I always have girls chasing me when I am single. My female friends come up to me all the time and say this girl really likes you or so and so wants to date you. My problem is when I find a girl that I like back and start to date her. She seems to lose interest in me after a month or so of dating. I have no problem with confidence and I'm told I'm funny. Guys does this happen to you to. Girls have you ever had this happen and what changed your mind?


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  • It sounds like you're doing something wrong with all of these girls, and have no idea what it is. You don't give us much details, so here's just a few guesses. You might need to ask some friends to give you an honest assessment, because if you can't see what you're doing wrong, then maybe you have a blind spot about it.

    1) Are you being too clingy? Do you put her on a pedestal and try to do everything for her?

    2) Are you moving too quickly? Do you talk about moving in together?

    3) Do you have a life outside the relationship?

    4) What (in your life) keeps her interested in you?

    5) Do you let her know through physical means that you find her sexy, attractive, appealing? Do you kiss, try to sleep with her, etc?

    6) Do you overshare everything about yourself too easily? Have you killed any sense of mystery?

  • Sounds like you're an insubstantial overhyped man. You've my condolences. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it because you're basically a videogame that has 10/10 plastered all over it with "NEW DYNAMIC CONTENT SO AMAZING IT WILL MAKE YOU CREAM YOURSELF JUST TURNING YOUR CONSOLE ON!" however in real life it's just another game and you're just another normal guy.