I don't think he's interested in me?

Had a coffee date with a man not yesterday but day before, Think he was nervous and a little shy but he seemed to open up a lot more as time passed.

We spent an hour together as I had to be elsewhere after. He had a quick glance at his mobile and that is when I said let's go because I thought it might have been a hint. But he said that we should stay in contact and that he will text me. It's been about 2 days I've not received anything.

Conversation generally flowed well, he found some of the stuff I said funny. When we saw each other we hugged, but I didn't hug him when we were leaving each other because I didn't know what to do lol.

FYI: English is not his first language, he speaks broken English.

Important info- we were texting each other a few weeks prior to this meeting and had arranged to meet before but when I asked him WHEN he wanted to meet, he text me instead a day later and completely ignored the meeting. I replied to be polite and he text again but I didn't bother to text him back. It was only last week that he text me again out of the blue.


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  • allot of people have a social problem where they can't be without their cellphone for very long.

    my brother had people over who would spend half their time on a cellphone. I think it's just rude but doesn't mean they are not interested just a bit antisocial.


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  • He is not interested. You asked this question already yesterday. If they like u, they will tell you in your face on the date that they want to see you again. And would text you right away to tell you how happy they met u. Use this as a guide.