I told him I like him - no reply yet?

I finally summoned up the courage to tell this guy I like him last night, I wanted to do it in person, but I am not going to see him for a while so I sent him a text. I was tired of guessing his feelings, and I wanted to put an end to torturing myself over it! A little about him: he is very shy, and has mentioned to me before that he is scared of getting close to someone in case they leave. I thought if received some positive signs from him in the past, such as him constantly looking over at me in lectures and blushing around me etc. Anyway, it has been 24 hours and I'm starting to wonder what he is thinking. I phrased the message really sweetly and didn't pressure him.

I guess I'm wondering is it worth giving him longer to reply before I start panicking? How long would be reasonable to wait for a reply? If he doesn't reply should I send another message to try to smooth things over because I don't want things to be awkward between us?


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  • Can I start by saying, Bloody well done! I can't tell you how cool it is for a girl to send a text like that to a guy! I would say wait a bit longer- the ball is in his court now and if he is a decent guy he will let you know. When are you two due to meet again? Maybe he's waiting to talk to you in person. I did the exact same thing as you did but unfortunately it didn't work out for me but I really hope it does for you. Well done again and besta luck with it!


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