Is this wishful thinking?

I work at a cross fit center and my ex currently is still a member there. His account came up as late in a monthly report. I decided to text him to tell him about it. He texted back almost immediately and seemed super apologetic about it Though the text itself had a friendly "just so you know" tone not hostile.

A couple weeks later I texted him asking if everything went okay with the billing office. I told him to avoid collector calls which could mess with his credit (knowing he's trying to buy an apt) I gave him a free month.

His reply "You're the best, if you actually paid it I'll give you the money back. I told him he could just pay me in lunch. He replied "haha maybe some time I'm at work until 1" Was that just his way of saying I'd rather just pay you and be done with it.

Mind you he goes to every other franchise instead saying "I just don't want to make your day crappier" I feel like that's a lot of work to go out of your way for someone you're no longer in love with. Making it inconvenient for you why care that much? We live in the same town eventually we're gonna bump into each other might as well prevent it from being awkward now..

I feel like if he could just see me in person just once he'd realize I'm not that scary I don't hate him and I actually miss him and possible remember why we were friends to begin with. I


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  • I think he cares about you, but to me it sounds like he's moved on but doesn't want to make things feel awkward, I know what you're going through. A similar situation happened to me.

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