Would you date a deaf guy?

I've been dating a guy for several months. He happens to be deaf. I really like him and have had to figure out different ways to speak to him in public. It presents so many new challenges. When we first started dating, I used my phone a lot to talk to him. I think it was our third date that both of our phones died and I had no way to say complex words. He taught me the asl alphabet... but that wasn't doing it. I'm sitting there in the restaurant writing things out in mustard!

I have so much fun with him and he has quickly become, not only a boyfriend, but a good friend to me. Recently, I've asked him why he wants to date me and not a deaf girl. She would be able to talk to him so much more than just text. He told me that I am one of the best things that have happened to him. I know he means it, because of his actions towards me. His mom loves me as well. Anyway, one of things that hurt me so much was that my mother said that I deserve better. Someone, who can hear... my friend's brother privately asked why I would date a deaf guy.

Anyway, would you date someone that was deaf?


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  • honestly yes.


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