Why she tell my friend this?

My male friend was talking to a girl I use to be cool with. I haven't talked to her in a month. He asked have you talked to him(me). She said not at all. Shiiit happens I can see us dating in another life time... why she bring up dating to him? I told her she don't mean nothing to me and a month later she tells a mutual friend that? He said he don't know why she brought up dating for. So I'm asking why did she and what she mean in another life time?


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  • sounds like she ment that stuff has happen "shit happens" or there is a situation where you and her don't talk much no more but maybe if thins had been different she could have or would have dated you " I can see us dating in another life time " that is her way of saying that if the situation had been different she might have dated you

    • or she could have been just joking around and didn't mean nothing by it what so ever ..

    • This not her first time saying something like this. She's usually more in her feelings. But I was just wondering why she's saying that to him because me and her aren't cool with each other any more. Well I'm not cool with her any more

  • She means it isn't going to happen.

    • Why would she mentioned it to him if he never said anything about her and I dating?

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