How soon to date after a break up?

My ex dumped me two days ago, after being together for a year and yesterday he sends me a text that he is going on a date with his soulmate. I'm still swirling over the break up and he's dating!?!? How soon after a break up, do most guys wait?


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  • It depends on the guy and the break up. One of my exes got a new girlfriend 2 weeks after we broke up (we'd been together almost 2 years) and he ended up marrying her lol.

    • left because said I was "too nice"because I want to wait until I'm married to have sex.

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    • Thank you :-)

    • No worries! GOod luck :)

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  • Guys can move on quickly and easily after a break up. Especially if they're the one who wanted to end the relationship and broke up with you. He's definitely just telling you that to make you feel bad. He wants to mess with you (why I don't know. He's the one who broke up with you so clearly he doesn't want you anymore so there's no reason to shove it in your face. Did you do something to him or)?

    Guys are able to a) block out their feelings so they can move on faster or b) just sleep with people/talk to new girls to automatically make them feel better.

    • He left BC I'm a virgin saving myself until marriage, but now he is throwing his new girlfriends in my face and I don't know what his problem is

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