Is my past hampering me from dating?

So here's my issue:

I'm 25 years old and I have never been on a date before or had sex. Its not my looks or being obese, those I'am sure of, I also relatively excel at flirting. Yet I have never been with a woman before.

Whenever it comes to the point that I should ask her out on a date,I find myself unable to.

My childhood was extremely violent, not a little bit, but extremely violent. I won't go into the details, but eventually as a child I started holding everything in. I held it in so that those aiming to hurt me couldn't get satisfaction out of me crying, screaming, yelling, or goading me to physically attack them.

My problem is I think this is hampering me in being able to have a date or even a relationship with a woman. I have extreme trouble saying the things I feel or want to say to others. For an honest example I contact my parents maybe once every 3 months, and they're lucky to get an "I love you" from me.

I've tried counseling but its a no go. I just have trouble and I feel its at a point where its becoming an issue. I just can't seem to say what I need to say.


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  • the hardest part is avoiding comparing yourself to others as I'm trying to deal with that myself, what I learned is that there is always gonna be someone better than you or worse than you

  • well even obese people can get dates, but that's incidental to your point.

    it seems you need help, as your past is affecting you. I'm sorry you are suffering due to it, but then you need to overcome your current feelings so you can lead a contented life.

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