Is my boyfriend losing interest in me? If so what to do?

We've been dating for 3 months and he's been exclusive to me since date 2, and he asked me to be exclusive to him after 2 months and we became official

He doesn't put in as much effort in booking my time in advance. His reason is we have done lots of things so it's hard to come up with new idea.

When we meet he make sure to take me out to "dates" and he display lots of PDA and keep his arm around me when we are out. We even hold hands at the table.

He is also taking me to his work company as plus one. However I'm not sure if he does that just to show off an arm candy or he is really into me?

Should I talk to him about it? Or giving him cold shoulder is the best way?


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  • Talk. Trying to play mind games turns your relationship into a game, and a serious relationship isn't a game.

    • What would be a good way to talk that doesn't look like I'm chasing him?

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    • Well of course a relationship is still always about intimacy, be it in the form of physical intimacy or in the form of meaningful conversations. You have to keep in mind that the excitement comes from exploring the unknown, every new development is a test to the relationship. If he's doing less, it's likely because he's comfortable with you. He knows how you feel.

      Just go out and do something romantic together every now and then. It doesn't have to be often, just make it a little special.

    • comfortable is a good point, I hope he is not getting lazy or taking me for granted..

      we meet once a week. and he would go out with me and then go home.. so he never hides me in public that's a good thing.. next week is his work Xmas party.. so I think this is will either make or break..

  • PDA that's a bunch of junk. You're not a business. Sounds a little weird but if it is all you have and all you think you can ever have maybe you have to accept it because let me tell you one thing: You're Never Going to get everything you want in one person. (package) got it?


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